SKF Glide Kit - WP AER 48mm KTM / Husqvarna / Gas Gas

SKF Glide Kit - WP AER 48mm KTM / Husqvarna / Gas Gas

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The NEW SKF GLIDE KIT for WP 48mm AER forks is compatible with all WP AER 48 mm model years, either with those previous to 2021 as well as those newer (2021 onwards).

The NEW KIT is provided with all the components, FOR THE AIR SIDE LEG ONLY, pre-assembled and ready to be installed into the fork’s cartridge parts. The oil dumper leg will no longer be updated.

The PISTON ASSEMBLY is ready to be mounted with the special SKF low friction Seal coupled with its NEW GREEN glide band made of special SKF tecno-polymer (Ecowear 1000 UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). A complete Cartridge Head Cap is also provided pre-assembled with all SKF components and ready for installation.

This new design cap, equal with newer WP AER model years forks caps, is also compatible with older WP AER forks.