SKF Fork Bushing Set (1 Inner & 1 Outer) - Kayaba 46mm (Type 2)

SKF Fork Bushing Set (1 Inner & 1 Outer) - Kayaba 46mm (Type 2)

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Fork bushing for motorcycle.

SKF composite fork bushings are the maintenance free solution in demanding applications such as front fork motorcycle suspensions.

SKF fork bushings combine the mechanical strength of steel with the low friction of a PTFE-based self-lubricating sliding layer. The intermediate thin bronze layer creates a strong bond between the backing and sliding surfaces, and improves the dissipation of heat generated during operation. To protect the bearings from corrosion, the steel backing is copper-plated.

The PTFE-based sliding surface permits smooth, low-friction operation for a plush riding feeling. During a short run phase, there will be some transfer of PTFE material from the sliding contact surface to the counter face. After transfer, the characteristic low friction and wear properties of these bushings will be achieved.


Benefits of the fork bushings are:

• maintenance-free operation

• low frictional properties under side load

• high load carrying capacity

• stability at wide operating temperatures

• small operating clearance for improved guidance

• dimensions marking for quick product identification