Radius CX - GasGas EC 250F (10-15) EC 300F (13-15) Yam WR250F (01-14) YZ250F (01-13)

Radius CX - GasGas EC 250F (10-15) EC 300F (13-15) Yam WR250F (01-14) YZ250F (01-13)

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If you’re trying to figure out which Rekluse Auto-Clutch kit is going to work best for you and how the RadiusCX stacks up, you can view the RadiusCX as the complete auto-clutch package that combines all of the features and components from both the Core EXP and the RadiusX – creating the top-tier auto clutch package the Rekluse has available.

Specifically that means the RadiusCX includes the EXP auto-clutch for stall-free riding, the TorqDrive® clutch stack that precisely transfers the most power possible, the billet pressure plate and clutch hub that are both incredibly wear resistant, the billet aluminum clutch cover that can withstand serious impacts, and the clutch springs and adjustable slave cylinder–both dependent on your bike’s manufacturer and OEM equipment.

With all these premium features in one package, you’ll be able to handle anything from fast hill climbs to slow, technical terrain while maintaining traction and not having to deal with stalling your bike. And when it comes time to wrench, the quality of Rekluse components should keep maintenance simple and straightforward.

  • Rekluse’s top tier option for auto-clutches that delivers the best performance in every aspect.
  • Combines the best features from both the Core EXP 3.0 and RadiusX auto-clutch kits.
  • Ride faster on the track and pick apart slow, technical terrain much easier than with a manual clutch.
  • Billet aluminum components and premium materials used throughout to increase reliability, consistency, and lower wear.
  • Made 100% in the USA: Rekluse supports the sport by designing, manufacturing, and shipping everything under the Rekluse name in their headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

  • EXP auto-clutch
  • TorqDrive® clutch stack (friction and drive plates)
  • Billet pressure plate (for DDS or traditional springs)
  • Billet inner clutch hub
  • Heat-treated clutch springs with precision spacers (depending on bike model)
  • Adjustable slave cylinder (depending on bike model)

  • Prevents engine stalls
  • Increased power transfer over OEM
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • Superior durability from proprietary billet components
  • Longer clutch pack life with less adjustment over time
  • Cooler operating temperatures and increased oil flow
  • Incredibly efficient clutching for extended clutch life
  • Standard clutch lever feel and function with full override

  • Billet aluminum clutch hub resists notching
  • Billet aluminum pressure plate for DDS and models with traditional clutch springs
  • Relieved material in pressure plate greatly increases oil circulation
  • Precision wound and heat treated clutch springs (for applicable models)
  • Precisely sized clutch spring spacers for accurate spring location
  • Billet aluminum clutch cover for increased strength and protection
  • TorqDrive® clutch pack handles more power and provides better rider feedback
  • Steel drive plates for better fade prevention and increased durability
  • Rekluse friction plates included (will maintain the number of friction plates as stock, and even gain plates depending on application)
  • Overall assembly is lighter than stock for less rotating mass
  • Adjustable slave cylinder included for bikes that come with hydraulic clutch as stock