Core EXP 3.0 - Husqvarna FE450 / 501 / 501S (22-23)

Core EXP 3.0 - Husqvarna FE450 / 501 / 501S (22-23)

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The Core EXP 3.0 is Rekluse’s latest update to their Core EXP line and their most advanced clutch yet. Rekluse is still providing the uncontested best for weekend warriors and professional racers alike by giving them the same smooth shifting, raw power delivery, and zero stalling that all Rekluse centrifugal clutches offer.

With Rekluse’s 3.0 update, the Core EXP is taken to a new level of refinement and precision. A redesigned clutch plate now has less rotating mass thanks to large lubrication openings that promote cooler operating temps. The increased durability of the 3.0 means greater component life and less adjustments to the system as a whole once you have it dialed in. When your traditional clutch fades the Rekluse is engineered to hold fast and keep that precious horsepower transferring to the rear wheel.

What does all this engineering mean for you, the rider? That rocky climb you stalled on? You’re going to fly up it. The technical terrain you’ve never been comfortable with? You’re about to pick it apart. Tired of eating roost at the track? Welcome to the world of faster lap times. With updates and cues taken from previous generations, the Core EXP Clutch 3.0 has the refinements, performance, and absolute control you need to move up in the riding world.

  • Improves traction in technical and slow terrain with a smooth power delivery and limited tire spin.
  • Increases durability by increasing oil flow though clutch and including premium materials in the construction.
  • Installs easily with all the components you need and a seamless integration with stock/OEM components.
  • Made 100% in the USA: Rekluse supports the sport by designing, manufacturing, and shipping everything under the Rekluse name from their headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

  • 3.0 Clutch Hub that resists notching due to its design and greatly reduces weight compared to the stock component.
  • 3.0 Pressure Plate for greatly increased oil flow and reduced mass thanks to the extensive cutouts.
  • Steel Drive Plates that provide unrivaled consistency and repeatable clutch engagement even when clutch temps rise.
  • Some models include a Rekluse Clutch Cover for trick looks, a strong guard against debris/brake pedals, and the room your clutch needs to work at peak performance.

  • Virtually eliminates stalling
  • Improved slip/fade control over previous models
  • Increased durability from premium materials
  • Lighter assembly for a lighter feeling bike
  • Increased lubrication from better oil flow
  • Cooler operating temperatures
  • Fully tunable to rider preference and terrain condition

  • Centrifugal auto clutch that replaces your stock components
  • Still allows engine braking
  • Enables use of clutch override lever
  • Enables use of optional left hand rear brake kits